Kuwait - Recent Medical Progress

Kuwait - Recent Medical Progress

8th Mar 2017

Kuwait was one of the Gulf’s earliest success stories, however, after a difficult decade, the country is now becoming an increasingly attractive alternative destination for medics seeking a more rewarding career overseas.


If you are considering a move to the country, or if you’re simply interested in the latest global healthcare news, here’s a quick roundup of all the latest from one of the Middle East’s hidden gems.


Attempts to lower Diabetes Amputations


Kuwait’s increasingly high diabetes rates are leading to a concerningly high number of foot amputations in the country, according to a leading medical director.


Speaking to the ‘Kuwait Times’ Dr Atef Ali, Medical Director of the Central Gulf Medical Company, highlighted statistics showing that, in 2013, there were 141 foot amputations carried out as a result of ulcers caused by excessive sugar in the diet. Remarkably, these statistics exclude expats, who make up over 70% of the country’s 3.7 million strong population.


Dr Ali was speaking at the launch of ‘Herberprot-P’ in Kuwait, a unique treatment for diabetic foot ulcers that should reduce the need for amputations.


Kuwait’s diabetes battle looks as if it will impact the country for many years to come - and so more new, and novel, treatments could prove essential if the country is to ever win its fight with the condition.


Healthcare Quality Conference


Kuwait’s Ministry of Health is to host a conference focusing on the quality of healthcare in the country, between the 13th and 15th of March.


The event will concentrate on discussing the major challenges facing healthcare quality in the region, as well as the best practices to follow in dealing with any potential issues that may arise.


Officials expect the event to be lead by over 19 locals and 10 international speakers, with over 20 lectures, panel discussions and even a sideline exhibition on some of the country’s greatest medical achievements all scheduled to take place.


Registration is free, making the event an attractive one for healthcare leaders across the Gulf.


Expat Healthcare Fees


Inside sources have confirmed that medical fees for expats in Kuwait are still set to rise, despite plans being delayed by some of the country’s lawmakers.


Cost increases were originally meant to be introduced in February, however despite this not happening it is believed to be a case of ‘when, not if’ they are brought in.


The reason for the cost increase, where rates have yet to be officially announced, is purely financial, with it coming as a reaction to the increasing cost of healthcare worldwide. Last year medical bills totalled KD3.3m (around £8.8m), a figure that wasn’t sufficient to cover the cost of the procedures carried out on expats in the state.


Despite the fees increasing, expats in the country will soon be able to benefit from three all new hospitals, exclusively for them. Under the country’s new segregated healthcare system the three, 700 bed, facilities should help lower the strain on public healthcare - whilst giving expats access to cutting edge care.


Kuwait is not for everyone, however with all new facilities and some of the world’s most generous salary packages, it’s not hard to see why it’s appealing to more and more expats.


To start your journey to a more rewarding career in the country simply register on our website. A dream move could be closer than you might imagine.


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