New Medical City Abu Dhabi

New Medical City Abu Dhabi

8th Feb 2017

Work on Abu Dhabi’s cutting edge new Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City is now more the 90% complete according to official sources.


The $1bn facility will become a key centre for the treatment of trauma in the Emirates, whilst it will also focus on managing patients suffering from incurable diseases. It will boast 732 beds, of which 132 will be dedicated to intensive care, alongside 36 VIP suites, and two royal suites exclusively for members of the Emirates’ royal family.


This will make it one of the most prestigious facilities in the Middle East in which to work and, after the huge successes enjoyed by Dubai Healthcare City which is now expanding into its second phase, Sheikh Shakhbout MC looks set to become a world leading facility in the once it officially opens.


It is estimated that the new facility will employ more than 2000 people, with plenty of job opportunities opening up for Western trained medics across all specialties in the development.


The vast spending on Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City is replicated throughout the Gulf region, where healthcare funding is expected to reach $144bn in just three years time. At a recent Gulf Cooperation Council meeting the target of 2.6 hospital beds per 1000 of the population was set, a realistic figure given the dramatic growth experienced by many countries in the Gulf.


As it stands Saudi Arabia has 2.1 beds per 1,000 people, whilst the United Arab Emirates has just 1.1 - signalling the potential for further growth as the country ages and expands.


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