UAE Slashes Drugs Costs

UAE Slashes Drugs Costs

14th Sep 2016

The UAE’s Ministry of Health has concluded its initiative to reduce the prices of medicine by slashing the costs of a further 762 drugs by up to 63% this month.


Introduced in 2011 the scheme has helped to bring down the prices of almost 10,000 innovative medicines since its inception, after being brought in to align costs with their equivalent in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This year 762 drugs were reduced in cost most of which are available now, with the final 105 becoming accessible from January 2017.


It is estimated that roughly 80% of the costs are on a par with the other GCC members, whilst the other 20% are drugs which are manufactured within the Emirates. These are exempt, and it’s hoped that this investment will help to support local pharmaceutical companies in the area as they aim to develop in the future.


Whilst this is the end of the reductions initiative the sheer variety of medicine which has benefitted from it should help almost everyone requiring assistance within the country. This year over 100 cardiovascular and central nervous system medicines were reduced in price, along with many others covering almost every area from Endocrinology to respiratory conditions.


As the UAE continues to invest heavily in its healthcare sector it becomes a more and more appealing location for doctors from around the world.


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