Zika in Singapore

Zika in Singapore

31st Aug 2016

As the number of confirmed cases of the Zika virus rose to 82, the USA became the latest country to advise against pregnant women travelling to Singapore.


Zika Outbreak in Singapore

The island city state has seen cases increase dramatically over the past week, despite a great deal of effort going into attempts to prevent the spread of the condition. These attempts have included the availability of free Zika tests for pregnant women within the country, along with the introduction of thermal scanners and checkpoints in neighbouring Indonesia and Malaysia.


As well as this the government of Singapore has warned residents to take extra precautions against mosquito bites whilst the infection remains active within the country. This has lead to sales of insect repellents more than doubling at many shops and pharmacies within the country as people take extra steps to protect themselves against the condition which rose to the public’s attention prior to the Rio Olympic Games earlier this year.


The hot tropical climate of Singapore - where yearly average temperatures are around 27°C and rainfall is up to 2340mm - is perfect for the virus which is spread by the Aedes Mosquito, a species which originates from tropical and subtropical zones.


Despite the massive amounts of publicity, recent figures suggest that just 1 in 5 people who are infected with the virus show signs of the illness, with it mainly affecting pregnant women. Up to 10% of children from mothers with the virus are born with birth defects caused by the condition, and these can range from microcephaly - where the child is born with an abnormally small head and thus potential brain damage - to deafness which has only recently been linked to the Zika Virus.


Singapore Healthcare System

Singapore has a strong, well funded and extremely well equipped healthcare system and is perfectly placed to deal with the outbreak. Unlike many other countries in the world where the virus is prevalent Singapore has the facilities to help fight against it, and look into the development of potential cures.


If you believe you could help the fight against the Zika virus - or if you just believe your career would benefit from a move to Singapore with it’s world renowned high standard of living and world class healthcare infrastructure - then register on our website for job alerts and all the latest news from the country’s healthcare industry.


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