NMC and Saudi Arabia

NMC and Saudi Arabia

30th Aug 2016

NMC Health - The UAE’s largest healthcare provider - is expanding into Saudi Arabia with the aim of taking advantage of the need for long term care facilities within the Kingdom.


Throughout the Gulf region there is a need for high quality long term care facilities as chronic congenital diseases are on the increase. These go hand in hand with the high number of lifestyle related conditions within the region caused by poor diets and a lack of physical exercise as the biggest health issues within the region - especially in Saudi.


NMC hope that their arrival in the Kingdom will allow specialist care to be offered which is cost effective for the government and thus will help to meet the ever increasing demand within the country.


This early foray into Saudi Arabia will see NMC take a 70% stake in Al Khohbar’s Al Salama hospital, a stake that is estimated to have cost the company over $40 million. As well as this the Abu Dhabi based firm have also invested in a new, 120 bed, chronic care centre which will be built in Jeddah - the country’s second city - and managed by ProVita who were acquired by NMC in 2015 for a fee believed to be in excess of $160 million.


As the population of the country continues to increase, so does the number of chronic health issues within the Kingdom. The Saudi government prides itself on providing its citizens with world class healthcare treatment and facilities, so further investment from them - and other external sources - will result in more job opportunities for western trained medics within the region.


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