Recruitment Directors' Event Brexit Special

Recruitment Directors' Event Brexit Special

13th Jul 2016

UK Recruiter, the UK Recruiters Networking Organisation run by Louise Triance, held an event for recruitment agency directors on July 7 2016. The event took the format of speaker presentations on the topics of Developing New Markets and Generating New Revenue followed by discussion about the impact of BREXIT on the recruitment sector.


UK Recruiter Event for recruitment agencies


Generating New Markets - Adam Gordon of Social Media Search

Adam talked about his experience in the recruitment sector and the thoughts behind the development of his latest product with start up venture Candidate ID, a software product which will build candidate pipelines and talent banks. He wanted to create alternative services for clients and, after considering the range of services which his clients would find useful, he arrived at the conclusion that candidate generation was the most pressing problem. His new software product has met with much enthusiasm from HR people and recruiters and looks to be a promising new product for 2017. Keep a look out for this.


Developing New Markets - Steve Preston of Heat Recruitment

Heat Recruitment is an award winning recruitment agency based in Bristol and working in multiple sectors including Insurance, Law, IT and Finance. Steve talked about his journey from start up to success with multiple setbacks and recessions on the way. 

His tips included:

  1. Preparation: thorough research
  2. Timing: attack the market
  3. The Quest for the Perfect Fit - candidate selection 
  4. Training and Processes: develop replicable processes
  5. Social Media use for branding
  6. Clients: understand the difference between good clients and toxic clients.
  7. Mindset strong even when the going is tough.
  8. Customer Service: continuous improvement
  9. Data Mining: understand key metrics


BREXIT - Tom Hadley of REC and Tony Goodwin CEO of Antal International

The conclusion of this discussion was as below "Keep Calm and Carry On".  Dealing with change and uncertainty is part of business life and it is best to stay focused, maintain a strong mindset and keep developing new markets and services.




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