Salary and Recruitment Survey 2016 Highlights

Salary and Recruitment Survey 2016 Highlights

5th Jul 2016

Odyssey International Medical Salary and Recruitment Survey 2016 is now complete and available for review. It provided some interesting and unexpected results. Below we highlight some of the survey findings. Further details are presented in the full report.
§Less than 40% of medical professionals surveyed were satisfied with their total remuneration package. 
§ Physicians in the USA showed the highest rates of satisfaction with income
§ Intensive Care Physicians showed more satisfaction with income than other specialists with General Surgeons showing the lowest rates of satisfaction.
§Almost 50% had received a pay increase in the last 12 months, whilst 10% had received a pay cut.
§Almost 50% anticipated a pay increase in the next 12 months - on average a 12% pay rise was considered acceptable to stay in the same role and a 31% pay increase would be enough motivation to move job roles.
§Over 25% received a bonus in the last year - the average bonus was 26% of basic pay.
Key Factors in Job Selection
§Salary and location were the two main reasons why medical professionals left their last job
§Over eight out of ten were actively looking or were considering a new role in the next 12 months - almost three quarters of these would consider relocating internationally
§The most important benefits for medical professionals were 25 days paid annual leave, medical cover and malpractice insurance
−Although salary / income was the most important factor in accepting a job offer
§Poor financial remuneration and poor management were seen as the two biggest recruitment challenges for hospitals and clinics
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