Qatar family and tourist visas

Qatar Family and tourist visas for workers

Sarah Peddie

Qatar to start issuing family and tourist visas again

The Gulf state of Qatar will start issuing family and tourist visas again on July 12.

This comes after the new travel and return policies and health ministry Covid-19 recommendations.

The Qatar health ministry said in a statement that the new entry policies would include providing a coronavirus PCR test.

Countries will also be classified into three categories that would determine the quarantine policies. 

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Entry into the country for family visits, business trips and tourists - including Gulf state citizens who do not have Qatari ID numbers - will be limited to vaccinated and recovered cases.

For Qatari citizens who want to travel abroad, they will also need to be issued a travel permit.

Unvaccinated travellers who travel to destinations not listed as green will have to book their institutional quarantine before leaving Qatar.

Passengers passing through Qatar will need to provide a PCR test and fully vaccinated arrivals will take an antibodies test on arrival to determine if they need to go into quarantine. 

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Citizens who arrive back into Qatar and are showing Covid-19 symptoms will have to do a home-quarantine based on a medical team’s recommendations.

As Qatar is one of the top countries in the world in terms of percentage of population vaccinated then it means that new policies can be introduced smoothly, the health ministry added.

This comes after Bahrain indefinitely banned giving out new work permits to people who are from coronavirus red list countries.

The country has suspended the entry of travellers coming from the other countries that are on the coronavirus red list. 

Countries on Bahrain’s red list include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal and they were all added from May 24. 

Bahrain added Vietnam to the travel red list from June 1.

They will now not be giving out any work permits to anyone who is from a country on the red list.

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