How to Manage an International Relocation

How to manage an international relocation with global relocations company Santa Fe Relocations

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Moving internationally can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. From the moment the process begins to the last box being emptied, the decisions are endless—and that’s to say nothing of costs.

A global relocations company can save you money and time. Read how....

Moving to a new country brings many challenges, uncertainties and endless lists of tasks. The interview and negotiating the job offer seem easy compared with what lies ahead. The immigration processes, flights and travel arrangements, leaving your home (and perhaps selling it) and settling in to your new home can seem overwhelming. That is why we recommend the services of professional relocation companies which can smooth your path and take away the stress.

Our partner company is global mobility company Santa Fe Relocations which has 64 offices in 38 countries managing domestic and international relocations. Santa Fe has 130 years of successful trading history managing international relocations for over 35,000 clients and spans the entire relocation journey, from moving, immigration, departure and destination services, through to full assignment management solutions.

Santa Fe's mission is to deliver exceptional relocation experiences for their customers. They have a passionate focus on their clients’ success and their assignees’ relocation experience that goes beyond the practical aspects of relocating. They want to make it possible for every one of their customers to be able to fully live the experience of their relocation.

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Santa Fe Global Mobility Services - For Personal and Business Clients

Personal Moving Services 

For Individuals and Families moving domestically or internationally without corporate support, Sanelo, is the new Santa Fe company which manages your relocation from preparation to unpacking in your new home. Services are made easy, with an application form which you can complete on line in a few minutes, followed by a virtual quote obtained by video and artificial intelligence. Once agreed, you are ready to go and Sanelo will do the rest from packing to unpacking at the destination. They will provide:

  • Home-to-home relocation
  • Quality packing and unpacking
  • Sea/Air/Road transport
  • Customs clearance
  • Move management
  • Shipment protection
  • Secure storage

Corporate relocation services

If you work for a large employer who will pay for your relocation, Santa Fe Relocations, will manage your move with a bigger range of services.

Consulting services

  • Assignment and move management
  • Compensation, cost and expense management
  • Real estate and property management
  • Supply chain management
  • Global Mobility consulting

Business visa & immigration

  • Corporate level consulting
  • Assessment consultations
  • Consular services
  • Employment permits
  • Compliance support
  • Training and education
  • Guidance and advisory notes

Relocation & destination services

  • Home finding
  • Intercultural and language training
  • Repatriation services
  • School search
  • Settling-in and area orientation
  • Temporary housing
  • Tenancy management
  • US domestic services
  • US home sale

Santa Fe and Sanelo Values in Their Own Words

Human and Digital

We deliver through technology with an intuitive human interface backed by the best personal customer service when and where our customers need and want it. 100% digital 100% human.

Consistent and Compliant

We deliver through technology with an intuitive human interface backed by the best personal customer service when and where our customers need and want it. 100% digital 100% human.

We service our customers with a rigorous focus on consistency and compliance – whether to customer policies, legal compliance, security, data security or data privacy.

Global and Local

We deliver global solutions, executed through our unique global coverage of own offices and own people on the ground.

The experience is enriched by the integrity, drive, quality and passion of our people.

Our values and our people are the foundation of our company and our business. We hire the best people in the industry, with a focus to continuously learn, develop and grow, so we continue to understand global mobility and meet our customers’ needs better than anyone.

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