Dubai cosmetic surgery hospital

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Sarah Peddie

Dubai's Jumeirah Hospital celebrates one year anniversary

A Dubai hospital has celebrated its one year anniversary by introducing new treatments using the latest technology. 

CosmeSurge Jumeirah Hospital in Dubai has had over 16,000 patients and performed 850 surgeries in the first year of operating.

Cosmetic surgery is at the top of the list for surgical procedures at the hospital that patients all around the world fly to the city for. 

Thousands of tourists make their way to Dubai for cosmetic surgery.

The Dh65 million investment in the hospital features eight in-patients rooms, two which are VIP suites. 

The hospital’s long-term strategy is to attract top talent to their 17 branches in the region. 

Michael Davis, CEO of NMC Healthcare, said “Despite travel restrictions that affected doctors and patients and regulations regarding cosmetic procedures and elective surgeries, we have seen a steady increase in demand for aesthetic procedures as our patients were ready for a return to normalcy post COVID-19. 

“We are receiving inquiries daily from across the region and around the globe about our services.”

“Our Dh65 million investment features eight in-patient rooms, two of which are designated as VIP suites. Our long-term strategy is to attract the best talent and with 17 branches in the region, we are the largest provider in the UAE’s cosmetic surgery sector. 

He added: “Our goal is to continue to support the emirate’s push to become the world’s leading destination for medical treatments and maintain our position as the premier brand in the industry.”

This comes after another hospital in the United Arab Emirates has been awarded with the prestigious JCI accreditation.

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The Fujairah Hospital is the latest facility to receive a Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, the Emirates Health Services announced. 

This has raised the total number of Emirates Health Services’ accredited hospitals to 15 which is a completion rate of 88 per cent.

The assessment was conducted by an expert team who would visit the hospital to look at and assess the services being provided. 

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