Australia's priority skills list

Australian Immigration Priority Skills List

Sarah Peddie

Medical roles in high demand in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for doctors and physicians to practice as the lifestyle, salaries and the stunning weather is a big selling point. However, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to move to Australia. 

However, if you are a medical professional and still want to move down under then take a look at the country’s skilled occupation list. This list shows what occupations need to be filled by migrant workers in the country. 

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs created a new priority list and have identified 41 occupations that need to be filled to help the recovery from Covid-19.

All employer sponsored nominations and a visa application with an occupation on the priority list will be at the top for processing and will be processed quicker than other applications. 

With Australia’s border restrictions still in place due to the pandemic, many people need an exemption to travel into the country. An occupation on the priority list is an exemption. 

1. General Practitioner 

For many years there has been a strong demand for general practitioners in Australia, and that still remains the case.

There are around 37,000 GPs currently working in Australia and around 40 percent of those were trained overseas. 

Life for a GP in Australia is, for most people, far more enjoyable and productive than it is in the UK. Working hours are shorter, facilities are well staffed and you will have longer to spend with each patient in order to fully understand their needs.

2. Psychiatrist 

Perhaps the fastest growing medical speciality in the country, if not the world. Australia and near neighbour New Zealand are facing a massive battle with mental health, and so the demand for psychiatric specialists in the country has never been higher.

Psychiatrists are one of the top occupations on the priority list as many citizens are struggling with their mental health throughout the pandemic. 

Job vacancies in Australia

3. Resident Medical Officer

Some Resident Medical Officers are needed in public hospitals across Australia as they are highlighted as a priority occupation. 

In Australia medical officers usually work long shifts, odd hours and also work at the weekend. They can work in many different departments in hospitals around a state they are based in - on a rotation basis.  

4. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses across the medical spectrum are needed from mental health nurses to aged care nurses. 

For this role, nurses need a high level of expertise and responsibility - they take on many challenging but also rewarding roles. They can give patients the highest level of care in a range of situations which is why they are highly sought after.

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