Bahrain bans red-listed work permits

Bahrain bans red-listed work permits

Sarah Peddie

Bahrain bans work permits for workers from red-listed countries

Bahrain has indefinitely banned giving out new work permits to people who are from coronavirus red list countries.

The country has suspended the entry of travellers coming from the other countries that are on the coronavirus red list. 

Countries on Bahrain’s red list include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal and they were all added from May 24. 

Bahrain added Vietnam to the travel red list from June 1.

They will now not be giving out any work permits to anyone who is from a country on the red list.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority said that this new rule has been brought in to help strengthen the kingdom’s effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. 

Countries are added or taken off the red list according to the assessment of the national medical team to address the Covid-19 pandemic in each country.

Citizens and residency visa holders from Bahrain will be able to enter the kingdom but have to present a Covid-19 PCR test result no more than 48 hours prior boarding their flight.

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They will also need to take another PCR test as they arrive.

Citizens and residency visa holders must quarantine for ten days at their residence or at a licensed quarantine facility. They must then take a PCR test at the end of their quarantine. 

In total, Bahrain has recorded a total of 260,000 cases of the virus and over 1,200 deaths. 

The other week, the Bahraini government announced that they would extend measures put in place to slow down the spread of coronavirus. 

Shopping malls, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, salons and swimming pools will be closed for a further two weeks. 

Earlier on, we told of how a midday break for workers in the United Arab Emirates came into effect amid health concerns.

Workers who work out in the open during the summer months throughout the country will get a break at the hottest point of the day. 

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation made the announcement on Twitter.

This is the seventh year in a row that this rule has been implied after concerns for workers welfare working outside in the sun.

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