Employee benefits sought after by job seekers

Employee benefits sought after by job seekers

Sarah Peddie

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives regarding how we work, learn and interact with others. With the impact the pandemic has left on the workplace and society - there is now a shift in perspective on health and job security by job seekers.

In the recruitment industry, the impact of Covid-19 on the workforce has created a shift where the priorities of applicants are being taken into condiseration. People currently looking for jobs will look closely at employee benefits which can help them in future pandemics. 

We take a look at what benefits employees are looking for in a job which have been affected by coronavirus. 

1. Work flexibility 

Work flexibility has become one of the biggest employee benefits applicants are looking for in a job. Now that many employees are working from home, HR leaders are encouraged to offer benefits that give flexibility to support workers wherever they are.

Hybrid work is anticipated to be more widespread across the world throughout the year as it lets employees get the job done when they are most productive. It is a family-friendly benefit which will have no direct costs to the business.

If you want to attract new applicants and retain employees then businesses should consider bringing forward options for flexible work. 

2. Paid leave

Part of flexible work is leave policies and whether your business offers paid leave for employees. If a business offers family and medical leave then it will improve workplace morale and also boost profitability. 

Business owners will definitely feel the benefits of leave policies as it will help with employee retention and productivity.

3. Wellness benefits

With many workers working from home - this has changed the shape of daily schedules for many people. To keep the wellness of employees, businesses can offer employees virtual health offerings. This would include things like online fitness classes and healthy living webinars.

Businesses can include a wellness package for employees which could include a virtual gym membership, online medical services, health monitoring devices which can help with issues such as isolation and anxiety whilst working remotely. 

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4. Mental health support

Mental health issues were major issues in the workplace before the coronavirus pandemic hit and it has worsened existing ones. Many workers will be facing isolation, loss of income and worry due to Covid-19 - this will take its toll on employees.

Having mental health support for employees is a big advantage and will help both the employer and employee. Counseling and therapy benefits are a good place to start. Interactive sessions one-on-one with health experts can also help workers deal with stress better and thrive at work. 

5. Healthcare plans

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many people in the workplace to value healthcare plans. If an employer can provide a healthcare plan for employees then this can go a long way in helping your workforce feel secure and cared for. 

Applicants will be looking for employer-covered healthcare plans that will not give them the difficult decision of getting the medical care they need which they can’t afford.

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