There Is No Green Hospital Abu Dhabi

Fake Job Offers in the UAE from Green Hospital

Karen Wilson

Green Hospital Abu Dhabi Does Not Exist

We have been contacted by many job seekers who have received offer letters from Green Hospital of Address No 22 Street Musaffa Abu Dhabi PO Box 6645, UAE. This hospital does not exist, and the job offers generated, are a scam. Do not sign the job offers and certainly do not send money to visa and travel agents. 

Fake Job Offers

This scam is the standard, typical job offer fraud,which has been widespread since at least the start of 2020. We wrote about this in our blog last year in this popular article to warn people about the widespread existence of the scam and to show people how to detect it, very easily. It is an unsophisticated scam but people continue to fall for it despite the extensive media and on line warnings readily available on the websites of recruiters, employers and the local media. The attraction of a lucrative job offer is apparently too appealing for many job seekers to retain a grip on reality and critically analyze the terms. 

Many people have reported the job scams, which orignate from varied imaginary hospitals in the UAE, to the Police in Abu Dhabi, to employers and colleagues but no one has been able to stop them because the scams originate from outwith the UAE. Some suspect the perpetrators are in Lagos, Nigeria or other African countries, which is why they have not been apprehended and continue their mischief. It therefore falls upon the job applicant to take responsibility for assessing if the offer is genuine or not.

A Typical Fake Job Offer

This is the classical fake job offer from the UAE. The employer name changes but the format stays the same. Green Hospital Job Offer.pdf

Size: 2.63 MB


Analyse the Job Offer

Analysis of the terms we must do, because a thorough scrutiny of the offer is essential to detect this very blatant and obvious deception. And one need look no further than the first line of the offer letter. The name of the hospital, Green Hospital, written in bold green capitals with a logo in matching shades of green and blue, is the biggest clue. Does this hospital exist in the Musaffa area of Abu Dhabi?

Check the Map

A google search will show the website of Green Hospital, designed in calming shades of green, with lists of departments, medical services and smiling physicians ready to offer their healing services. But check the physical address and you will find it does not exist on google maps, or apple maps.

Musaffa, Abu Dhabi is a busy area packed with hospitals and clinics, many well known established names, but there is no Green Hospital. And this is the key fact which most job seekers just do not get. A hospital cannot function as a virtual organisation. It needs a large physical site and its size ensures it is prominent on google maps.  No building means no hospital. And if there is no hospital, then there can be no job offer.

Recognise the Fraud

This simple act of verifying the physical site of the employer takes minutes and concludes the matter. The offer is a fraud. Report it to the Abu Dhabi police and do not send money to visa or travel agents. You will get no visa and you will never see your money again.

You don’t need to read the offer letter further. The employment terms are fake. The salary, usually suspiciously generous, will never be paid. You will never be able to earn it because the hospital does not exist.

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