How to get a Clinical Psychology job in New Zealand

How to get a clinical psychologist job in New Zealand

Sarah Peddie

Clinical Psychologists are one of New Zealand's most sought after professional groups. Featuring on both long term skills shortage list and regional shortage lists, clinical psychologists have opportunities to work all over New Zealand in hospital, forensic and community mental health teams. 

Being a sought after professional makes getting a visa to live and work in New Zealand easier than usual and your employer will act as the sponsor for the initial work visa. 

There are around 2800 registered psychologists practising in New Zealand (2017) and around 1600 of those specialise in clinical psychology. which is the largest field of psychology in New Zealand.

New Zealand Mental Health Services

Most clinical psychologists work in the 20 district health boards of New Zealand, 15 in the North Island and 5 in the South Island. The health boards provide primary, secondary and tertiary medical care, pubic health and dental services to all eligible New Zealand residents (citizens and permanent residents).

The mental health services have been restructured in recent years due to unprecedented demand from a growing population, aging demographic and an increased incidence of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. There is an increased focus on community treatment and family involvement in patient care and an effort to reduce hospital admissions by emphasising preventative and early intervention services.

Mental Health Teams are multidisciplinary and include psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers and mental health nurses working in hospitals and community centres.

Psychology and Psychiatry services are provided across the specialisms of:
  • general adult psychiatry
  • old age psychiatry
  • child and adolescent psychiatry
  • substance abuse
  • forensic psychiatry
  • liaison psychiatry
  • psychotherapy
It is an exciting time to work in the mental health services of New Zealand as they evolve and take on the challenges of providing care to rural and remote communities, urban areas and takcle a diverse range of problems.

How do you become a clinical psychologist in New Zealand?

To work as a clinical psychologist, you will need to register with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and obtain an annual practice certificate (APC). If your work is purely in teaching or research, you may not require an APC.

You will require a masters degree in clinical psychology and some professional experience in the field.

With your qualifications, baord registration and an up to date CV showcasing your skills then you are all set to find a job.

Search for Clinical Psychologist Jobs

You can view our current New Zealand clinical psychologist vacancies and register your CV to receive alerts for all new roles.

You can search for jobs by location or specialism. Do you have a preference for cities over rural areas or small towns? Do you prefer to work in a hospital or the freedom of a community team? Do you wish to work with adults, children or the elderly?

If you search through our vacancies you will find a range of posts in a variety of locations to suit every taste.

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