Saudi Arabia set up Covid-19 health centre at Qatar border


Sarah Peddie

A new coronavirus health centre has been set up by Saudi Arabia at the Salwa border which connects the country with Qatar.

Several health conditions have also been set for the entry of Qatari citizens who want to enter the Kingdom. 

One of the main conditions that has been set is Qatari citizens must take a PCR test and do home quarantine due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

At the beginning of January, Saudi Customs at the Salwa border reopened for operations and there were a number of arrivals at the border as soon as it opened. 

The travellers who came into the Kingdom completed standard customs and also their health-related procedures which are customary at all entry points into Saudi Arabia. 

The Ministry of Health has placed medical teams at the Salwa border crossing with Qatar and they will examine people from the country entering Saudi Arabia.

As people enter the country, they are expected to sign a commitment which means they have to adhere to home quarantine measures. 

However, there has been a recent spike in coronavirus cases throughout the Kingdom and now face new tough preventive measures. 

Health Minister, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said: “We have unfortunately in recent days registered a noticeable increase and continued rise in infections. One of the main reasons is gatherings and complacency with precautionary measures.

“Lack of compliance will force us to take measures to protect society. I ask you to help us preserve the gains we made in combating the coronavirus. This is a very difficult stage.”

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