Health Canada receive Novavax vaccine for approval

Canada healthcare news

Sarah Peddie

Pharmaceutical company Novavax has submitted its Covid-19 vaccine to Health Canada for regulatory approval.

The company submitted their vaccine on Friday - which is less than two weeks after Ottawa finalised the deal with Novavax for 52 million doses.

Health Canada is currently accepting applications for vaccines before the final trial data is ready which means the review team can start going over the documents on an ongoing basis.

Rolling review means that they do not have to wait until everything is finished and faster approval of the vaccine can be complete.

Novavax is now the fifth vaccine maker to apply and submit their vaccine for rolling review. 

It reported results on Thursday from a trial in the UK but in a larger trial in the US, the final results are still a couple of months away.

According to the company, the vaccine has shown that it is 89 percent effective in the UK trial and says that it is effective against the new South African variant of the virus. 

It could start delivery doses in spring once it has been regulatory approved. 

AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were submitted in October and Johnson and Johnson submitted theirs in November. 

The Pfizer vaccine was the first one to be approved by Health Canada on December 9 and Moderna was approved on December 23 - around three weeks after the companies completed their phase three trials.

The decision on AstraZeneca is set to happen in the next few weeks. 

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