Covid19 Vaccination Australia


Sarah Peddie

The Covid19 Vaccination programme has started in Australia but has experienced a few hitches on the way. A doctor in Australia has incorrectly administered the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to two patients at a care home in Brisbane. After an investigation, HealthCare Australia said in a statement that the doctor had not completed the necessary training to administer the vaccine.

HealthCare Australia is responsible for the vaccination of the aged care residents in Queensland and said that all health professionals had completed the online training which was provided by the Australian College of Nursing. 

HealthCare Australia  has confirmed that the doctor has not been involved in giving the vaccine in any other facilities and that he  had one Covid-19 vaccine shift only The doctor gave an 88-year-old man and a 94-year-old woman more than the prescribed doses at Holy Spirit Carseldine in North Brisbane. Both of the patients are being closely monitored in hospital and will continue to be observed as a precaution.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said: “The safeguards that were put in place immediately kicked into action and a nurse on the scene identified the fact that a higher than prescribed amount of the dose was given to two patients.

“Both patients are being monitored and both patients are showing no signs at all of an adverse reaction. But it is a reminder of the importance of the safeguards.”

Australia has an excellent healthcare system and many openings for doctors at all levels.

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