Air New Zealand to trial digital passport

New Zealand medical news update

Sarah Peddie

New Zealand’s national airline is going to trial a digital health passport to try and make international travel safer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Air New Zealand will introduce the digital “Travel Pass” app developed by International Air Transport Association and will have it on a trial basis.

The app is currently being trialled by other airlines like Singapore Airlines and Emirates to help make international travel safer and easier. 

The app allows passengers to store and present information related to Covid tests - as well as their vaccination status. 

Once passengers have been tested and/or vaccinated then labs will send the data to the app.

It then will check the requirements for travel against the data and passengers who meet the travel requirements will be given a green tick to travel.

The healthcare system in New Zealand

The introduction of the app is in hope that governments will be confident to re-open international borders.

Air NZ chief digital officer Jennifer Sepull said: “Once borders re-open, travel is going to look very different, with customers’ health data needing to be verified at check-in.”

She continues: “It’s essentially like having a digital health certificate that can be easily and securely shared with airlines. 

“This will give customers peace of mind that they meet all travel requirements for the different countries around the world before they even get to the airport.”

The trial will run for three weeks from aircrew and customers - based on the results it could be rolled out to more routes. 

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