Saudi Arabia lifts temporary travel ban


Sarah Peddie

Saudi Arabia has lifted its temporary travel ban which was introduced in December as a precautionary measure against the mutated strain of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Interior made the announcement early on January 3 after introducing the ban just a month before. 

In a statement from the Saudi Press Agency, they confirmed that entry into the Kingdom by air, land and sea would be possible from 11am on Sunday (January 3). 

However, there are restrictions in place which include non-Saudis from the UK, South Africa and other countries where the mutated coronavirus variant has been detected to stay at least 14 days out of these countries before entering Saudi Arabia.

Saudi nationals that are coming back from these countries for essential cases must stay in their homes for 14 days once they are back for observation. 

The new variant of the virus was detected in the UK and has now been reported in many European countries such as France, Sweden and Spain. It has also been detected in South Africa, Jordan, Canada and Japan.

The Kingdom has already started rolling out vaccines against the virus and have started with those who are considered high risk.

There has been a steady decrease in the number of new Covid cases and deaths throughout the Kingdom. 

The day the travel ban was lifted, Saudi Arabia recorded its lowest number of cases in nine months. 

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