Saudi German Hospitals Group boost healthcare services


Sarah Peddie

The Saudi German Hospitals Group have boosted their medical expertise by offering more specialist healthcare services.

The group’s hospitals in Saudi Arabia have expanded their healthcare services and now offer new and unique sub specialty clinics and services as part of their efforts to enhance the quality of their facilities across the board. 

The Saudi German Hospitals Group is one of the largest private hospital groups in the Middle East and North Africa and are now focusing on diverse medical subspecialties. These will include: allergy and immunology, pain management, arrhythmia and cardiac electrophysiology, hematology, oncology, endocrinology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, geriatric medicine and pediatric care.

The hospital group is already known for its innovative approach to medical care - for example, it is the first and only private hospital throughout the Kingdom that is able to perform liver transplant surgeries.

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President of Saudi German Hospitals Group said: “The additional subspecialty clinics and services complement our ongoing commitment to efficiently and effectively deliver patient-focused services in line with our corporate values and long-standing reputation as a world-class healthcare provider in the region. 

“Our ultimate mission is to lead the regional medical community into the future without losing sight of the wellbeing of our patients.”

“The new services and treatments are also reflective of our desire and strategy to provide world-class clinical care, close to home to the people of Saudi Arabia and beyond. 

“To achieve our aspiration, we have meticulously studied the needs of our communities and have addressed the areas where there has been gaps and a need for more medical care. 

“We aim to be able to bring our community the healthcare services they need and deserve.”

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