How to recruit remote employees successfully


Sarah Peddie

The coronavirus pandemic has caused most of us to work remotely for the foreseeable future. This can be hard on recruitment companies who are looking to hire new talent but cannot meet them in person to do interviews and so on. 

It may seem like a struggle right now but here are some steps that you can take on how you can employ and hire remote employees successfully. 

Outline characteristics of a remote worker

Firstly, you have to define the characteristics and personal traits of your ideal remote worker as not everyone is cut out for working virtually. 

You should think about employing someone who has the correct skills to be successful in a remote working environment. Look for a candidate with strong skills with technology and have advanced written communication. 

By defining what you are looking for in a remote worker - it will help you hire the best remote employee that will be motivated, productive and fit well into your team. 

Outline your working situation

It is a good idea to make aware of what remote working looks like in your company. Remote working environments in different companies are not going to be the same. If you do not have any specific policies in place then you should probably start preparing them now.

Make sure you take down your remote work scenario and expectations to your job description. Candidates can get a better understanding of what it’s like to work at your company when they apply for a job. 

Outlining your remote working situation is a very important step when going to hire your first remote worker. 

Use an Applicant Tracking System 

If you are looking to employ remote candidates then it is recommended to use an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS enables automated applicant tracking and can store and process vast volumes of data. These can help you schedule interviews, host career pages and stay organised through the whole hiring process.

It is advised to review your software type, hiring frequency, feature list and budget. This means you can find a software that meets your needs. 

Schedule interviews 

Once you have narrowed down your list of candidates then you can start to schedule some interviews. Make sure you have video calling platforms installed on your system so you can start straight away. 

Write down into a schedule when the interviews are going to take place so you don’t forget - then send the candidate a message to confirm the date and time. 

You must make the candidate aware that it is a remote interview so they can get access to the internet, a computer and a video-enabled device that day. 

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