Five reasons to apply for new jobs in December


Sarah Peddie

As 2020 comes to a close, many people may be looking for a new start in 2021 which will include looking for a new job. If you are thinking about looking for a job at the start of next year then you may want to rethink this and start looking a bit earlier. Looking for a job just before the new year hits is actually the best time to search. 

Now that 2021 is just around the corner - we will tell you why you should probably start looking for a job now rather than in January as it has many benefits that you probably didn’t know. 

Job hunting in December

Many people don’t realise this but December is a great time for you to look for a job - this is recruitment’s best kept secret. 

Work calendars will be clear at the moment and people will usually have a lot more time to find out about new applicants. Another positive of not many people knowing that December is a great month to job hunt is that there will be less people applying for the dream job you’re after. Recruiters are seeking out the perfect applicant so it would be silly not to take advantage of this.

Beat the new year rush

A lot of people who are looking to change jobs will postpone their job search until January. Due to this it means that recruiters will be very busy at the start of the year. If you put your CV to an employer before the rush in the new year then it can be a big advantage in terms of visibility and being seen first. 

End of the year leavers

While there will be many people preparing for the January job rush - those who have planned a bit more will be starting their new jobs in the same month. This means that employers will be recruiting for roles to fill in December. 

People will leave their current roles in December due to end-of year bonuses, not wanting to return to the same place of work the following year, or planning a longer break from their place of work. 

Many employers will see this coming but some will be caught out by unexpected departures - this creates a great opportunity for job seekers to fill in the gaps so watch out for any last minute openings!


At this time of year, budgets are approved for the coming period - with tDecember 31 being the most common fiscal year end. 

Many managers need to spend their remaining budget by the end of each year or they could lose it altogether - so employing new people at this time could be beneficial for both parties as January budgets are often a little tighter as planning for the whole year begins. 

Employers want to be ready for the new year

Hiring might not be as slow as you think - some businesses/companies are ramping up the hiring of new employees in readiness to start the new year off with fresh talent and new goals. 

Getting ahead of the new year rush means you can stand out as motivated and enthusiastic by taking time to apply for your future role as others are winding down for the holidays. It gives you an advantage and you’ll be helping yourself and your future employer start 2021 off right away. 

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