Digital recruitment strategies for recruiters


Sarah Peddie

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change our daily lives, most of us will be working remotely for the time being. This is also the case for recruitment businesses as well who wouldn't be able to do their normal activities in person. 

However, there are many digital strategies that recruitment businesses can undertake during this time to make the most of what they have to work with at the moment. 

We take a look at what digital recruitment strategies companies can do to attract top talent to their business.

Use social media more

CNBC found out that 58 percent of recruiters are using social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to connect with potential candidates.

This is because it works. You can put job vacancies on employment websites and job boards which can still be successful but social media gives recruiters a unique opportunity to engage with potential candidates. If you have a social media presence then you can post job openings on your timeline, talk to potential candidates and share why working with your company is the correct choice. 

If you don’t want to start up accounts on social media then you can still find job hunting groups that are filled with graduates and experienced professionals. 

UTM codes

With any marketing campaign, you need to track what ads are generating the most interest.

An Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) code is a snippet of text added to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content. This feature can be used to track certain parameters like traffic source, keywords, campaign name, how well your campaign is working and make adjustments.

UTM codes look something like this:

Recruit like you market

To get the best out of their campaigns, marketers do their research to establish their buyer persona. It helps with understanding the audience and drives more sales opportunities. 

Recruiters should take the same approach and build up an image of their ideal candidate. If you think about the characteristics, requirements and demographics then you can narrow down your search for employees. 

Remarket to website visitors

Remarketing is a technique where you can show ads to people who have previously interacted with your company’s website. Most prospects won’t be ready to apply when they are on your website for the first time - they may be weighing up their options at this point. 

Remarketing will allow you to stay in the mind of the potential employees during their job hunting process. Showing them ads after they have been on your website will increase your chances of them coming back. 

Make your contact details clear

Make sure your prospects can easily view your contact details whether it be on a dedicated landing page or at the end of a blog post. Providing an email address, phone number or a link to a sign-up form will guide them to an application. 

Loading speed of your website

If the quality of your website is poor then candidates will think the same about your business. Studies by Section show that 32 percent of visitors will leave the website if it takes more than seven seconds to load.

Optimizing your site will increase your chances of hiring top candidates.

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