New Covid post-exposure antibody treatment on trial


Sarah Peddie

In a trial first of its kind, 10 people have been given antibodies as a form of emergency protection after being exposed to Covid-19.

The experimental vaccine is being offered to people who have been in close contact with a confirmed coronavirus case within the past eight days.

If the experiment is effective then it could help protect vulnerable people who have not yet been, or cannot be, vaccinated. It could also help contain outbreaks of the virus. 

The trial is run at the University College London Hospitals NHS Trust.

They are looking at whether an injection of two different antibodies could prevent someone who has been exposed to coronavirus from catching the virus or from becoming very ill.

Vaccines can take weeks to offer up full protection to people which means it may be too late for them to be given once someone already has the virus in their systems.

The monoclonal antibody treatment is developed by the drugs company AstraZeneca and the treatment should immediately work to neutralise the virus.

It should also give ongoing protection for up to a year.

Healthcare workers, hospitals patients and care home residents could be given the treatment if they have been exposed to a case of Covid.

It could also be used to prevent outbreaks of the virus in places like student accommodation. 

The team at UCLH wants to recruit 1,000 volunteers and they are targeting people who are likely to have been exposed to the virus.

People wanting to take part will have to show their close contact has tested positive for Covid-19.

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