7 New Year's resolutions for job seekers


Sarah Peddie

The new year is fast approaching and some of you may be looking for a new start in a new job. Usually, the first quarter of the year is the best time of year to find a new job so it’s a good time to start looking and applying for the jobs you are interested in. 

We have some new year’s resolutions for you to take on board if you are currently looking for a job which will hopefully help you out. 

Make sure you update your CV

If your CV is already up to date then you are good to go. However, if you haven’t looked at yours for a couple months then you may want to freshen it up. Set some time aside to update it with new skills and work experience that you may have missed out on in your previous draft.

When going to update your CV, take a good look at what needs to be added in. Sharpen up the language used to describe each position and make sure your new skills and educations are included. 

Also, make sure that your CV lines up with the job you are applying for which will give you a better matching potential. 

Clean up your social media

When you are searching for a job or going for a promotion, it is important to keep your social media as professional as possible. If you don’t want to do this then it may be a good idea to make it private and only let certain people see your profiles. Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking at social media - especially nowadays where it is highly prevalent. 

Grow your network 

A well built network is the foundation for success in your job search. It is also important to keep growing your network to increase your prospects. Explore the different areas where you can meet new people to add to your network. 

Keep on top of your skills

Take a look at job descriptions and see what employers in your field are actually looking for - see if your education and skills match. 

Professional development will enhance your CV and show potential employers that you can continually grow your skills. 

Organise your home office

Organising your workspace at home can really put you in the right frame of mind for a new start. Make sure that your desk is neat and tidy of any clutter or junk. Clean out any unnecessary papers so that your files aren’t overflowing. 

It is also a good idea to clean out the digital clutter as well and delete unimportant files and programmes from your computer. 

Having a clean workspace can help you think more clearly as you apply for jobs and gives you an idea of what it’s like to work remotely - which is important more than ever right now. 

Follow up with employers

Some job seekers will shy away from following up on a job application. Maybe you don’t want to bother the employer or assume that you are out of the running for the job. However, checking in is expected.

After you apply for a job that you really want then reach out after a week or two to ensure that your application was submitted and see if the employer has any questions for you. 

Practice interview skills

Good friends and networking contacts can be valuable in helping with your interviewing skills. This is important when you have a conversation scheduled and it doesn’t hurt to practice what you will say in different situations by taking part in a mock interview. 

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