Your business and its employer brand


Sarah Peddie

No matter the size of your business or what stage you are at - you will have an employer brand which will be important to promote to help your reputation. An employer brand can play a big part in attracting talent to your company and your specific field. Businesses must create a good working environment and promote their very own culture. 

Startdreamers found out that 92 percent of candidates would leave their current job for a role at a company with a great reputation. This shows how important it is to build up your reputation and promote your employer brand. 

So, first of all, what is an employer brand?

An employer brand describes an employer’s reputation as a place to work and also their employee value proposition. 

Why is it important to build your employer brand? 

It helps attract quality candidates

To be able to attract high-quality candidates to your business you need a strong employer brand and make your company values, mission and culture clear. By doing this, it puts you in the position of an employer of choice and people will want to work for you. Employer brand promotion increases your chances of hiring someone who believes in what you are doing and are enthusiastic about working at your brand. 


Experts claim that if you invest in your employer brand then you can reduce your staff turnover by 28 percent. This is due to your employer brand resonating with your staff. If they love working at your business then this is going to show.


Scale-up businesses have an advantage over more corporate companies and many people may not know this - it is their company culture. Developing businesses are famous for being more flexible and usually have a fun approach to working. 

They usually offer opportunities for learning and development which can then be very attractive to talented candidates hoping to take the next step in their career. This means that you can compete with the biggest names in your field. 

Keep your values as your business grows

It is easy for a growing business to lose themselves and get overwhelmed when they become bigger. But, if you want your company to succeed - you must have a strong sense of self and this is where employer branding comes in.

Make sure you know who you are and what makes your business unique - and so does your audience. This will help keep your business stay authentic and what hired hundreds of people in the first place. 

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