EPIC Primary Source Verifications

EPIC Primary Source Verifications Service for Doctors

Sarah Peddie

How to Apply for an EPIC Portfolio Account

Most countries and licensing organisations for physicians require a report confirming primary source verifications of all undergraduate and postgraduate educational qualifications. 

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, the UK and Ireland all use a primary source verification through the EPIC portfolio. If you are thinking about emigrating to any of these countries to work as a physician then you need to make sure you have opened an account with the EPIC portfolio, verified your identity and uploaded your qualifications.

If you haven’t heard of it then no problem, we are here to take you through all the information you need!

What is EPIC?

The Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials does primary source verification of medical credentials to physicians and organisations around the world. It verifies the authenticity of credentials relating to medical education, training, and registration/licensure. 

Physicians can also build up a digital portfolio of credentials related to their education, training and registration - this portfolio can grow as your career grows.

EPIC Primary Source Verifications

What is primary source verification? 

Primary source verification or source verification is the process of confirming authenticity directly with the source. This means that they need confirmation directly from the institution that issued the credential that it is authentic. It is the best protection against fraudulent credentials. 

How does it work?

First of all, when you begin to create an account with EPIC, you will need to send a request to make an account - this includes biographic information, details of your medical education and licensure history, a recent photo and a scanned photo of your passport. 

Your photo and passport will appear on the EPIC Identification Form (EIF) which you need to get certified by an acceptable official and emailed to the Educational Commission for Foregin Medical Graduates (ECFMG). 

You will need a valid EIF to use EPIC services. 

Once you have a valid EIF on file then you can start uploading electronic copies of medical documents and credentials in PDF, JPG or TIF format. More information and the full list of credentials that can be uploaded to EPIC can be seen on their website

If these are not in English then you must translate them into English which has to be up to ECFMG standard. 

EPIC Primary Source Verifications

How much does it cost?

Physicians will pay for services such as building an electronic portfolio of their credentials and demonstrate the authenticity of their credentials by requesting verification reports for medical regulatory authorities (MRAs), medical education and training programs, hospitals, and other entities. 

You will have to pay for these services when you request them.

A full list of payment breakdown can be seen here. 

What are the benefits?

Build a portfolio of your credentials 

As soon as you establish an account with EPIC then you can get your credentials checked at any point in your medical career - even when you are a student. Once you receive any medical credential then you can upload them to EPIC straight away and get them verified. This way you can have them verified and available whenever you need them.

World class verification

The ECFMG has been doing primary source verification for over 30 years and has developed a rigorous, multi-step verification process.

Online services

As everything on EPIC is all web-based, your credentials are just as mobile as you are and you can access them wherever you are in the world. It allows you to store all your verified credentials in one secure location. 

If you want to find out more information about EPIC then visit their website

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