Saudi Arabia will be one of the first countries to get covid-19 vaccine


Sarah Peddie

Saudi Arabia will be one of the first countries to receive a covid-19 vaccine as an agreement has been signed. 

An agreement was signed which will see Saudi Arabia receive early supplies of two or three different vaccines that have reached the final stages of their clinical trials. 

Abdullah Al-Assiri, assistant deputy minister for preventive health, had confirmed this during a television interview on Wednesday night.

He stated: “We will be among the first G20 countries or at the world level to obtain good quantities of a safe and effective vaccine.”

It is expected that at least three vaccines will be approved by the end of 2020 and Dr Assiri made aware that it may take several months to be distributed to people. 

He added: “Maybe we cannot say that the vaccine has started making an actual impact on the trajectory of the pandemic until after mid-2021.”

Coronavirus cases throughout the Kingdom are currently at a steady pace - around 300-400 people a day are being confirmed as positive. However, daily recovery statistics are on the rise.

In total, Saudi Arabia has had over 352,000 cases of covid-19 and over 5,500 fatalities (as of November 12).

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