New quaternary hospital set to open in Abu Dhabi in 2021


Sarah Peddie

Abu Dhabi is set to get a new quaternary hospital in 2021 which will provide advanced cancer care and transplants. 

The Burjeel Medical City will be able to offer patients in the UAE advanced oncological care and bone marrow transplants.

The hospital will be located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City and it will be made up of four buildings and another for admin. It has been confirmed that the hospital will open in the summer next year.

It will stand out from other hospitals due to its advanced cancer care and offer transplants.

The advanced cancer care will include palliative services, immunotherapy and stem cell treatments. 

Advanced machines for radiotherapy have also been sourced that will include the latest linear accelerators that reduce the duration of radiotherapy to just five days.

A special couch will also be part of advanced cancer treatment - this will allow the patient to be precisely positioned and radiotherapy will be targeted. This will include treatment for brain tumours, head and neck tumours, prostate tumours, and abdominal tumours.

The hospital will also operate as a transplant facility. Connected operating rooms have been built especially so that doctors can operate on the organ donor and recipient close to one another. 

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