New Covid-19 vaccine is nearly 95% effective


Sarah Peddie

The American company Moderna has produced a new vaccine in the fight against Covid-19 and it is nearly 95% effective. 

This comes shortly after the news of the Pfizer vaccine which is around 90% effective on patients who have the coronavirus. The United States could now have two vaccines authorised for emergency use as soon as December this year.

Almost 60 million doses of vaccine could be made available by the end of the year if both vaccines get safety data and regulatory review.

So, what do we know about the new vaccine Moderna has produced?

30,000 people took part in the trial - half of those were given two doses of the vaccine that were four weeks apart. The other half in the trial had ‘dummy’ injections. 

The data was based on the first 95 people to develop Covid-19 symptoms. Only five of the coronavirus cases were in people given the vaccine and 90 were in those given the ‘dummy treatment’.

This is where the company had produced a number of 94.5% effectiveness.

Data also showed that there were 11 cases of severe Covid - but none of these were people who were immunised. 

Some patients who had received the vaccine were reporting back symptoms of short lived fatigue, headache and pain.

Although this is great news in the fight against the coronavirus, we must remember that both trials are still taking place and the final numbers could change in the near future.

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