Israeli hospital to open in UAE


Sarah Peddie

Hadassah University Medical Centre is currently in negotiations with leaders in Dubai about opening up a hub and relocating its top doctors to the United Arab Emirates.

The hospital’s director-general Professor Zeev Rotstein was in the UAE as part of the first ever Abraham Accords Business Summit.

This is where they spoke about business opportunities of bringing their health services to the UAE - including relocating top doctors, nurses and management to Dubai. 

Negotiations are only at the beginning stages and with the coronavirus pandemic expected to spike over the winter, Rotstein warned that he is not prepared to look too far into the future until he feels confident that their medical centre in Israel is stable. 

Rotstein has already been invited back to the UAE for a follow-up visit and is likely to travel back in the next month. 

These talks come after an agreement was introduced last month to normalise relations between Israel and the UAE. 

Israel estimated that trade with the UAE could total to $4 billion a year and create around 15,000 jobs. 

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