Cystic Fibrosis drug to be approved by Health Canada


Sarah Peddie

A cystic fibrosis (CF) drug Trikafta has taken one step closer to being approved by Health Canada which has been branded a ‘miracle drug’.

The drug is set to change the lives of thousands of Canadians living with the disease.

Trikafta was founded by Dalhousie University and studies had shown that it had the potential to treat 90 percent of patients living with the respiratory condition. 

It is estimated that 4,000 Canadians are currently living with CF.

A study released back in August revealed that the health of Canadians living with CF would be impacted by 2030 if they started taking the drug in 2021. 

Results had shown an 18 percent increase in people living with mild lung disease, but 60 percent fewer people living with severe lung disease.

So there is a lot of optimism around Trikafta - it is a combination of three drugs which was created by the American pharmaceutical company Vertex. 

The drug is already available in the US and the UK but it was not put forward to Health Canada for approval back in July and blame has been put on the government’s new regulations. 

However, that had changed this week and Vertex decided to move forward with the drug in Canada. 

It is not yet on Health Canada’s list of Submissions Under Review (SUR) but once a drug submission is filed with Health Canada it will be on the list.

Vertex Pharma haven’t provided a submission just yet but once they do - the drug still needs to be approved by Health Canada

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