Psychiatrist Roles in New Zealand


Sarah Peddie

In different countries around the world there are certain roles that are in more demand than others due to the variety of health issues surrounding different countries. Here at Odyssey Recruitment, we take a look at what roles are most in demand in the countries that our clients are based in.

In this article, we will take a look at psychiatry roles in New Zealand, why these roles are in high demand and why these jobs should be attractive to doctors. 

Healthcare in New Zealand

The healthcare system in New Zealand is a hybrid and is a mixture between public and private. Residents and some work visa holders can benefit from a public health system that is free or low cost.

New Zealand residents can choose to take out medical insurance for private healthcare which gives patients greater control of what doctor or specialist gives them treatment and when treatment takes place.

Expats and non-residents are not entitled to the public healthcare system and are advised to have an international healthcare plan in place before they make the move overseas.

Psychiatrists are in high demand

New Zealand has a shortage of psychiatrists as the country currently tries to deal with the ongoing problem with mental health. Mental health services are overburdened but now with the coronavirus pandemic hitting the country, there is now definitely a strain on the services. Psychiatrists are on the skills shortage list due to the lack of professionals in the job.

Not only does this mean that there are plenty of psychiatry jobs available, due to the job roles being on the skills shortage list it is easy to apply for a visa - assuming you have the right qualifications and experience. This takes away the usual stresses of applying for a visa to move overseas.

Attraction to Psychiatry roles

1 - Opportunities

The first thing that should attract medical professionals to psychiatry roles in New Zealand is the fact that there is little competition for a psychiatrist which makes them fairly easy to get. These roles can also lead to career development opportunities in leadership and service development 

2 - Cost of living

Living in New Zealand is an affordable option as it provides a good quality of life for a lower cost than many countries around the world. Auckland and Wellington provide a lower cost of living than cities around the world such as Hong Kong, New York and London. 

3 - Safe working environments

New Zealand is, on the whole, a very safe and secure country. Reports have ranked it as one of the safest worldwide to call home, whilst a stable political climate and economy can make a move a sensible long-term option.

The country’s strict border controls and low level of crime creates safer communities, greater personal freedom and peace of mind for anyone living ‘down under’.

4 - CME Programmes

This stands for the Continuing Medical Education and it consists of educational activities. These activities serve to maintain, develop and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance that a physician uses to provide health services. 

If you are looking to start your journey to New Zealand then register with Odyssey Recruitment today and your dream could be a lot closer than you think.