Healthcare workers positive about Covid-19 vaccine trials


Sarah Peddie

UAE health workers who received a Covid-19 vaccine are very optimistic about results from the trial.

Last month, it was reported that UAE healthcare workers would be getting a Covid-19 vaccine which was in its third phase of trials. 

Although they are still taking a lot of precautions like wearing facemasks and PPE - workers have confirmed that they feel a lot safer when dealing with patients since they have been given the Chinese produced vaccine. 

This has led to some hope amongst the professionals that this vaccine is effective against the virus that has caused a global pandemic.

The vaccine was developed by Sinopharm and trials kicked off in July in order for the vaccine to be developed. 

Tests were then led by technology firm Group 42 under the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Department of Health’s supervision. 

Sinopharm has confirmed that the vaccine successfully created anti-bodies in all the volunteers who signed up for the trial in the first and second phase of testing in China. 

More than 31,000 UAE residents have volunteered for the trials within six weeks. In the middle of September, emergency use of the vaccine for frontline workers was approved. Since then, healthcare professionals, airport staff and senior executives have received the vaccine. 

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