Healthcare billing system to be introduced in Dubai


Sarah Peddie

A new healthcare billing system is to be introduced in Dubai which will reduce costs and make healthcare more affordable. 

Dubai Health Authority has implemented the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) billing method for both public and private hospitals. The system will benefit patients as well as the hospitals. 

This is an adopted model around the world in places like Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

The Diagnosis Related Group is a vetted billing system which uses algorithms to fix base fees for medical procedures. 

It helps health insurance companies categorise costs. Instead of paying the hospital separately for a specific service provided, a private insurer will pay the hospital an amount sum based on the patient's DRG - which is based on patient diagnosis, prognosis and other factors. 

The new system will help control the rising cost of healthcare and provide patients with high quality care. DRG will also help monitor quality across hospitals and countries. 

This will help maintain high standards of medical practises, clinical pathways and protocols. 

Saleh Al Hashimi, CEO, Dubai Health Insurance Corporation, said: “The implementation of DRG will undoubtedly help both providers and payers and most importantly it will benefit patients as it will further drive up efficiencies in in-patient care. 

“It will help improve quality of care across the spectrum and it will encourage cost reduction, which will help build a robust and dynamic health sector.”

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