UAE Health Workers to get Covid-19 Vaccine


Sarah Peddie

The United Arab Emirates has approved the use of a Covid-19 vaccine which is in the third phase of trials to use on health workers.

On Monday (14 September) the UAE granted emergency approval for health workers to use a Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the Health Minister Abdulrahman Al-Owais, the vaccine will be available to front-line workers who are most at risk of catching the coronavirus. This would protect the workers from any danger they may be exposed to. 

The vaccine in question is one of 26 in the world that is currently being trailed by humans. 

The vaccine was developed by Sinopharmin which is a Chinese-based pharmaceutical company. The UAE was chosen for the third phase of human testing- it started back in July in conjunction with G42 Healthcare and the Abu Dhabi Government. 

The Health Minister said that the results from the third phase trials have shown that the vaccine is safe, effective and has had a good response with antibodies against the virus. 

31,000 volunteers and 125 nationalities have taken part in the third phase of the trials and there have only been reports of mild side effects. Nobody has encountered any severe side effects. 

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