No Contract Renewals for Expats in Saudi Arabia


Sarah Peddie

The authorities in Saudi Arabia have decided that contracts of expats working in the medical sector for over 10 years will not be renewed.

Saudi authorities will not renew employment contracts of expatriate health employees who have passed 10 years of service in the Kingdom. 

There is an exception to this for highly qualified and outstanding individuals as their contracts will be renewed with approval from the Health Minister.

This comes after a circular issued by Abdul Rahman Al Aiban - the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Human Resources. This helps the implementation of the government’s resolution that sets 10 years only for the employment of non-Saudi staff.

The plan is to gradually replace expats with Saudi employees to help ‘Saudise’ the health sector in the Kingdom. 

The first phase of the plan happened back in July where expatriate pharmacists working in pharmacies would be replaced by Saudi-national pharmacists. It is understood that 20 percent of pharmacy jobs will be ‘Saudised’ and that is an official decision by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

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