Saudi Arabia: The Omnicell Pharmacy Partnership

Saudi Arabia Healthcare Sector New about new pharmacy company partnership

Sarah Peddie

Saudi Arabia has a new hospital in the Eastern Province set up to trial new technology for efficient medicines dispensing.

The 500 bed hospital named The Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University Hospital, is an educational as well as clinical services provider and has partnered with an US-based pharmacy and medication management solutions company called Omnicell. 

Omnicell will be in charge of the pharmacy automation system that will allow pharmacists to schedule medication dispensing.


Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

The Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 is a project developed to reduce economic dependency upon the oil and energy sectors and expand economic diversification in other sectors, prioritising technological sectors. 

Healthcare is a key component of Vision 2030 and is a sector targeted for infrastructure development and technological enhancement, expected to improve healthcare access and delivery and create thousands of jobs.

Digitilsation is a key component of this and is being expanded throughout the healthcare sector to increase its efficiency.



Omnicell is based in California USA and has been providing pharmacy technology to healthcare providers in the Middle East for around 17 years. 

Some key client hospitals include; King Faisal Specialist Hospital and National Guard Health Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the hospitals of the Dubai Health Authority. 

It specialises in products which use automation, intelligence, and technology-enabled solutions powered by cloud data platforms to provide zero-error medication management.

The new Saudi Arabian hospital aims to set high standards and will introduce multiple Omnicell automation solutions. 

This will include automatic dispensing cabinets and controlled substance dispensers. There will also be a workstation for anaesthetists so they have instant access to medication whilst in the operating room. 

As well as supporting and helping pharmacies, there is hope that these solutions put in place will decrease any burden on other healthcare services throughout the Kingdom by giving patients the correct medication and the right time. 


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