New Covid-19 Testing Device Approved by Health Canada


Sarah Peddie

A new Covid-19 test machine which provides quick and accurate test results in 90 minutes has been approved by Health Canada.

The new portable device is called the Hyris bCUBE and it is distributed throughout Canada by the company Songbird Life Science Inc. - a company which is based in Ontario and researches into pathogens, ventilation, air quality and industry operations. 

The bCUBE was previously used for surface testing but has now been approved for human testing. It now means that Canadians and businesses can get tested for the coronavirus that is accurate, quicker and less-invasive wherever they are. 

It will particularly come in handy in very remote and vulnerable communities, businesses and industries where onsite testing is very important. 

The device itself is a portable DNA testing laboratory in a box. It offers Point of Care wherever people are at anytime of the day. It is controlled by any device with an internet connection - this includes smartphones. It then analyses test samples through a cloud-based platform which will give out accurate results. 

According to the World Health Organisation effective testing guidelines, the Hyris bCUBE is considered ‘gold standard’ as it has demonstrated a 95 percent accuracy rate in clinical trials. 

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