Covid-19 Stats in Canada: Who is most affected?


Sarah Peddie

CBC News in Canada has analysed data on all confirmed Covid-19 cases collected by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to find out who is being affected. 

Canada had its first known coronavirus case eight months ago - back in February. Since then the country has had over 147,000 cases. 

CBC News conducted a study of the collected data to find out what factors stand out. The data is from 121,795 cases up to the first week of September. 

So, what did they find?

During the early days of the outbreak, people over the age of 80 made up the biggest numbers of people falling ill with the virus. Long-term care homes were hit badly which led to more older people getting tested.

However, since the middle of August, there has been an increase of cases amongst people under 30. This is suspected to be down to reopening of public places and expanded testing. The number of young people infected has overtaken the number of cases within the elderly. 

As for the known symptoms, PHAC only has symptom data for seven percent of cases. However, the 9,000 cases that have details reveal that people suffer differently depending on age and symptoms. 

Just under 10 percent of people who have tested positive have been referred to hospital in Canada. Two percent of those cases have ended up in ICU and this is mostly people over 80.

People who have been admitted to hospital have shown symptoms like shortness of breath and fever - these were shown in the fatal cases. Headaches, runny nose and sore throat were seen in less severe cases. 

Six percent of all confirmed cases have been fatal with the country recording over 9,200 deaths (23 September) with the elderly the hardest hit. Only two people under 20 are known to have died from the virus. 

More women over 80 have died from Covid-19 compared to men but more men are dying from the virus outside of that age group. 

Recovery time from the virus is still unknown as different people take different amounts of times to recover. The average recovery time is thought to be two to three weeks but it is known to take up to 11 hours.

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