Covid-19 Causing Mental Health Struggle in New Zealand


Sarah Peddie

Citizens in New Zealand are suffering more from depression and anxiety since the coronavirus lockdown began back in April, say doctors. 

Despite the country leading the way in battling the virus, Covid-19 is stretching what already was a struggling system in the country. 

New Zealanders were able to return to their normal lives after a strict seven-week nationwide lockdown. There has since been a few outbreaks but they have been kept under control. 

However, GPs and doctors on the front line say that there is now added pressure to the mental health services which were already overburdened. Since the lockdown, there has been a rise in people being prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

In some practices across the country, there has been an increase of 15-20 percent of people who need psychiatric help. Unfortunately, access to psychologists and psychiatrists is very limited. 

Mental health issues in New Zealand have been going on for years. Now that Covid-19 is a big risk to public health, the virus has magnified long standing issues within the country like mental health. 

It is not just taking its toll on the patients, health workers are also taking a hit with mental health as the volume of work front line workers are faced with everyday is causing fatigue. 

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