Healthcare Digitalisation Abu Dhabi


Sarah Peddie

The new platform Malaffi Health Information Exchange now connects around 60 percent of all hospitals situated in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.The system now has over 87 million unique clinical records in it and is currently capturing 50 percent of patient episodes in Abu Dhabi. 

What is Malaffi?

It is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform that will connect public and private healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi. It enables providers to exchange important patients' health information. 

Every interaction a patient has will be collated in their personal file and stored away securely which will be accessible when needed. 

Malaffi currently connects 35 healthcare groups, 40 hospitals and 403 clinics - they are now all exchanging information through the platform. 

Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, Acting Undersecretary at the DOH spoke about how digital platforms are pushing the health sector forward: “Transforming Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector and delivering the best care possible is at the heart of everything we do.

“Connecting healthcare and having better data is an integral part of that. This is a time like no other. We are seeing people living longer than ever before.”

The platform has had its part to play throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as front liners were able to access Malaffi to get test results and medical records which has been critical in their decision making process. 

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