Online Covid-19 Course Created for Health Workers


Sarah Peddie

Stanford medical school in California have created a free online course to train healthcare workers on how to respond to Covid-19. 

Health workers all around the world can take a five hour course which was created by Stanford emergency physicians, on caring for patients with the virus and how to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

The course is designed primarily to aid healthcare workers in countries that have limited resources and is free to anyone who has a smartphone or tablet.

It features video lectures, study guides and quizzes which range from topics like hand washing to connecting a patient to a ventilator. Since the course launched back in July 17, over 25,000 people from 143 countries have enrolled already.

Lessons are tailored for physicians, nurses, paramedics and community health workers who provide care in low and middle-income countries. 

The course is available on Coursera or edX or you can download the Stanford Medical app on IOS and Android. If the course is downloaded then people who have enrolled can take their devices to places with a poor internet connection and still work on the course. 

Physicians from Stanford Emergency Medicine International narrate the 16 videos featured in the course alongside colleagues from other institutions. During the narration they describe the proper way to put on and take off personal protective equipment, how to evaluate ill patients, when to put patents on oxygen and which setting to choose for a patient on a ventilator.

The course also includes steps that workers can take when resources are in short supply. 

It is currently only available in English but developers are currently working on one with Spanish translation. 

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