New Paediatric ICU Opened in Dubai Hospital

New Paediatric ICU Opens in Dubai

Sarah Peddie

A new paediatric intensive care unit is now open to the public and has started taking patients in Dubai Hospital. 

The Dubai Health Authority announced on Sunday (23 August) that the new paediatric intensive care unit has started to take patients.

The new unit was launched to enhance the current services it gives children, especially children with chronic diseases. 

The unit includes eight separate rooms and was built due to the high demand of having a separate ICU from the one already designated for the adult patients. 

Dubai Hospital includes six different specialities for children which includes: paediatric tumours, kidney diseases, diabetes, endocrine glands, the digestive system and heart disease. 

The Dubai Health Authority Director General, Humaid Al Qutami launched the unit earlier this month. He stated that the new unit is a very important addition to the integrated system the authority provides. 

The new unit took into account all the medical needs for children whilst respecting their privacy. Each child will be allocated a separate room equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology. In addition, there will be other elements that will mean the child’s parents can stay with them. 

The Authority announced earlier in the week that it completed the development work of the Surgical ICU at Dubai Hospital which has increased the number of adult patients beds to 13. 

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