WHO Praises New Zealand for Covid-19 Efforts


Sarah Peddie

The World Health Organisation has praised New Zealand for the way the country has handled the coronavirus outbreak in a video posted on Twitter. 

The only active cases that are in New Zealand are from people who have travelled into the country and they are now in well managed isolation facilities to stop the spread of the virus. 

It has been just under 70 days since the last locally acquired case from an unknown resource recovered.

In the caption of the tweet, WHO pointed out that New Zealand had followed the organisation’s guidelines on isolating cases, reducing contact and testing and have now successfully eliminated community transmission of the coronavirus. 

WHO Director General had also shared the video and said that the government led by Jacinda Arden and the people of New Zealand has shown the world that Covid-19 can be defeated through commitment, action and vigilance. 

The video shows the strict lockdown that the country had imposed at the beginning of the outbreak with powerful images of empty motorways, closed shops and abandoned playgrounds. 

This showed the rest of the world how effective New Zealand’s strategy was but this was not the first time the country had been praised on a worldwide platform for its efforts.

Earlier on, a number of international media outlets like the Washington Post reported on the country’s success and was praised for it. 

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