Elements of a CV That Can Be Tailored


Sarah Peddie

Every CV has basic requirements it needs to meet. Here at Odyssey Recruitment we take a look at the different basic elements of a CV that can be tailored or customised to make yours stand out more to employers and grab their attention. All these elements are very easy to change or adjust.

1 - Customise Identifying Information

By customising your identifying information then it gives you a greater chance to find the right job that is out there for you. 

One of the most basic requirements is stating your name and location on the CV. Starting with your name - if your name is difficult to pronounce then you can do something about it. On a CV, you can use the initial for your first name.

If you are applying for a job in a region like the UAE - some jobs are assigned to people based on their gender. In a region like this you will need to make it obvious whether you are male or female and do not leave the recruiter guessing. 

As for your location, wherever you are based or currently living could make or break your chance when it comes to landing an interview for your dream job. Rather than using your full address, use the city that you are currently based in as employers will look at how far the commute is and question whether it is worth their time. This works well in larger cities as it will not pinpoint which part of the city you live in.

2 - Contact Information

It goes without saying that your CV needs a method of contacting you so the employer can get a  hold of you easily.

Double check before you send away your CV that your contact details are correct because you do not want to have a mistake in your phone number or email address. When you have double checked all that information - make sure that you have set up a sufficient voicemail just in case you miss the call from the employer and then they can leave you a message. You want to show that you are reachable but do not give out multiple phone numbers and email addresses as this is just unnecessary.

Your email address is very important on a CV and you want it to look as professional as you can. Use an email address that is close to your own name - use a middle initial, an underscore or a hyphen to get the address you want. 

3 - Keywords in Professional Experience

A future employer needs to see proof that your previous professional experience demonstrates the ability that you can do the job you are applying for. This means that you should sprinkle keywords throughout this section of your CV. Make sure you put the most important information in the first couple of bullet points because if your most impressive and important information is at the bottom of the list then they might be bypassed.

As for the keywords and phrases to use - there are a few places to look to help you along with this. Take a look at the job description and ensure that you have addressed the job you are applying for. Start with the requirements functionally and then move onto recommended qualities. 

4 - Tailor your education to match the job 

When it comes to education then it could be another make or break situation if you do not have a degree relevant to the job. Sometimes a degree is a non-negotiable requirement. If you do not have a degree from college or university but graduated with a high school diploma or something equivalent (you do not need to mention this in the CV) then you should add in any sort of alternative training in education. This can include job related training, certification programmes, seminars, conferences attended, online learning or self-directed study. If you have a degree but not quite the one the employer is looking for then make sure you add in some work experience or voluntary work you have done relating to the job. 

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