Abu Dhabi Hospital Resumes Essential Health Services


Sarah Peddie

The Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in Abu Dhabi has resumed its suspended health services as the hospital played a major part in the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Being one of the largest hospitals in the country - it was a key treatment centre at the height of the pandemic but has been free of COVID-19 patients since the 25 June.

Now essential services that were suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak have opened up again and it can resume normal operations. 

Dr Naser Ammash, the hospital’s chief executive said: “Ensuring that these services continue to be accessed by the community and that patients receive the best care possible by proactively managing their health has always been central to SSMC’s mission.”

Despite opening up normal services, the Mayo Clinic and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company said the hospital would still continue to treat patients with COVID-19. 

However, the hospital has put in precautionary measures to keep patients and staff safe. The appointment system has been updated to reduce the number of patients in one area at the same time. All the facilities including communal areas, waiting rooms, toilets, door handles, light switches and other surfaces are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

In addition, all the hospital staff are regularly tested for COVID-19.

It will also have isolated and marked wards, walkways and entrance points for patients who are suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus.

Disinfection gates are placed at the entry and temperature checks will be taken for all visitors. Glass barriers have been put in between reception staff and patients. Waiting rooms have been redesigned to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

In the UAE, the total number of coronavirus cases sits at over 57,000 and has reported 340 deaths (both stats from 21 July).

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