US Coronavirus Task Force to Disperse in Coming Weeks


Sarah Peddie

US President Donald Trump has admitted that the coronavirus task force will step down within weeks as the President plans to reopen the country. 

During a visit to a mask manufacturing company in Arizona, the President told the world’s media: "We are bringing our country back”.

The task force was set up on 29 January run by Mike Pence who was appointed chairman and the members include more than 20 experts and administration officials.

New confirmed infections per day exceed 20,000 and daily death tolls average around 1,000. US Health officials have warned that opening up the country will spread the virus.

According to Johns Hopkins University in Maryland - there are currently 1.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US and around 70,000 deaths related to the virus. 

The President has been criticised for putting the public’s health at risk with his eagerness to reopen the economy ahead of the election battle in November. 

However, it will be up to individual state governors to determine when and how they reopen

Some Democratic governors in states that have been hit badly by the virus have been more cautious and have asked for more testing and other safeguards before any measures of easing the lockdown. 

Republican states, on the other hand have already begun lifting restrictions. 

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