UK Now Has Highest COVID-19 Deaths in Europe


Sarah Peddie

The United Kingdom now has the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe and there are now talks of an inquiry into how the Government handled the pandemic.

New data from the Office of National Statistics revealed from Tuesday that there were over 29,600 deaths in England and Wales. When figures from Scotland and Northern Ireland were added - the death toll went up to over 32,300 - the highest figure throughout the whole of Europe. 

The real figure is likely to be a lot higher due to missed cases and a lag of reporting cases. 

Italy was the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe in late February when the first deaths were recorded and it was the first country on the continent to announce a lockdown. 

As the death toll rose throughout Italy, so did the reasons as to why it was climbing so high. With the country’s ageing population and densely populated cities. Combined with a lack of tie to prepare and a slow response to the virus were among the reasons as to why it was badly hit. 

However, the first secretary of state, Dominic Raab warned against making comparisons with other countries. 

For the first time last week, the UK Government had included data on deaths outside of hospitals in cases where people had tested positive for coronavirus.

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